The Nishiki river is an important waterway flowing through eastern
Yamaguchi prefecture into the Seto Inland Sea. Sake brewery Yaoshin
Shuzo has been connected to this river’ s flow since its founding in 1877.
The brewery building itself is located alongside the river, and there was
once a pier right out front. Rice for the sake was unloaded at this terraced
pier, called a gangi, after shipping from upriver.
The water’ s edge around the gangi was a center for all kinds of life.
The gangi saw one boat after another arrive, identified by calls of “boat
number one,” “boat number two” ; the pier was lit at night by a Hitotsubi
(Night-Light); Mizunowa (Ripples) left by jumping fish; Sekirei (Wagtail)
birds gliding over the water’ s surface; and the stream flowing into the
calm waters of the Seto Inland Sea in the Yūnagi (Evening Calm).
The water’ s edge is truly a center of all kinds of new life.
Under the guidance of our company watchword “the water’ s edge is a
place of new life,” we continue to create new life with each sake we
Just as the gangi was the destination for those on the water, our goal is to
be the destination for flavor.