About Us

DSC_1093_webTurning gratitude into flavor.

Saké is a living thing, and making it is an act of creation and birth. We recognize the awe of the ancients at the seemingly divine mystery of fermentation which has made saké essential to sacred rituals. We must therefore be grateful that, gods though we are not, we have been given the privilege of working every day to create something so special. We believe that gratitude towards everyone and everything that makes this work possible is essential. Gratitude to the famers who grow the rice; to the natural environment that brings us clean water; to the microorganisms that help us in our work; to the local community that maintains this environment and economy, including our distributors, and our sales partners; to our coworkers who strive and sweat beside us; and of course to everyone who drinks and enjoys our saké. All of us here at Yaoshin Shuzo hope we can bring that feeling of gratitude to our saké, so that every sip carries the flavor of our thanks to you all.

Company Outline

Company Name Yaoshin Shuzo K.K.
Founded 1877
Date of Incorporation April 1, 1950
Kuramoto (Owner) Hisashige Kobayashi, President and Managing Director
Operating Capital 10,000,000 Yen
Office <Kura> 3-18-9 Imazu-machi, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi-ken, Japan
Total Employees 11 (as of April 2016)
Including Kurabito (brewers) 7
Business Bank Yamaguchi Bank, Iwakuni Branch
Primary Customers Please see the list of shops contracted to sell Gangi under: 雁木が買えるお店
For Inquiries +81 (0)827-21-3185


1950 Yaoshin Shoten KK is founded
1958 Yaoshin Shurui Hanbai KK is established as independent company
1969 Kobayashi Tomoji takes up presidency (3rd generation)
1986 Saké brewing done by regular company staff is partially adopted
1986 Nishiki no Homare label is introduced
1994 Name is changed to Yaoshin Shuzo KK
1994 Brewing organization apart from Harada tōji is reduced to regular company staff
1996 Yaoya Matsuo takes up presidency (4th generation)
2000 Gangi label is introduced
2004 Kobayashi Hisashige takes up presidency (5th generation)
2006 Kobayashi Hisashige takes additional duty as tōji after Harada tōji retires
Business focus is shifted to saké brewing