DSC_1093_webCreating Palatability From Our Gratitude

Brewing sake is the act of witnessing the birth of life where living matter creates new life of sake. It makes sense that ancient people was astonished by the mysteriousness of fermentation and sake became an essential part of rituals. We have to be thankful for working in such a privileged position everyday even we are not deities. Farmers who produce rice for us; the local nature which creates crystal clear water; microorganisms which work with us; the local people, our clients and vendors, who support us to create environment for sake brewing; colleagues who work and sweat together with; and our customers who enjoy our sake… We consider that our duty is to work hard everyday and not forget the gratitude to everyone and marvelous nature that help us stand on the stage of sake brewing. We, all the kurabito (sake brewers), will create “palatability” from our gratitude and communicate it to you.

Company Outline

Company Name Yaoshin Shuzo K.K.
Establishment 1877
Date of Foundation April 1, 1950
蔵元 President, Hisashige Kobayashi
資本金 ¥10,000,000
事業所 <Brewery> 3-18-9 Imazu-cho, Iwakuni-shi Yamaguchi, Japan
社員数 11 (as of April, 2017)
内、蔵人 7
取引銀行 Yamaguchi Bank Iwakuni Branch
主要取引先 Look at “Where to buy Gangi”
お問合せ +81 (0)827‐21‐3185

Company History

1950 Yaoshin Shoten K.K. was established.
1958 Yaoshin Liquor Trade K.K. split from Yaoshin Shoten K.K.
1969 Tomoji Kobayashi became the (third-generation) president of Yaoshin Shoten.
1986 Sake brewing by employees was partially started
1986 “Nishiki-no-homare” was produced.
1994 Company name was changed to Yaoshin Shuzo K.K.
1994 Everyone except the master brewer Harada became employees.
1996 Matsuo Yaoya became the (fourth generation) president of Yaoshin Shuzo.
2000 “Gangi” was produced.
2004 Hisashige Kobayashi became the (fifth generation) president of Yaoshin Shuzo.
2006 Hisashige Kobayashi became also the master brewer along with the master brewer Harada retiring.
All the businesses became consolidated in sake brewing.